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Congratulations to the Gunn girls swim team for winning CCS!  [and thereby beating Paly]  <3
I’m so proud to even have my name on the same roster as those girls.

League Chamlionships 2012

200 Free [2:01]: dropped two seconds, was seated fourth, and placed sixth in the closest race I’ve ever swam. I believe Mark Prior described it as “heartbreaking” (everyone except 7th and 9th got between 2:00 and 2:01)
500 Free [5:22]: in keeping with what is now Leagues Tradition, I dropped 12 seconds. MPII described this one as “WHAT HAPPENED DUDE DID YOU TAKE DRUGS OR SOMETHING?”
In summary: best day I’ve had in a while which is impressive because I’ve been having some pretty awesome days

Mari: I just met you
Mari: and this is crazy
Mari: but we just picked up like three million squashed raisins
Mari: so call me maybe?
cytomax+espresso+vitamin c
Hernandez: make no mistake, it does not taste good
James: ...unless you like the taste of victory

good luck to all the Gunn girls going to Qualifiers today!

newest edition on the ever growing list of stupid shit eric does: jokingly volunteer to do a Varsity practice and have the coach call your bluff I’m practicing with a guy who made CCS lovely

so, around this point in the season I usually hit a sort of plateu in my times, it happened last year when I hit the 6-6:05 range and it’s happening now at 5:35-5:40
I know I’ll drop at leagues that isn’t even a question
And I’m positive I can drop at lynbrook, after all, it’s a home meet
If I can get it down to like a 5:20, of I can somehow drop 15 seconds in two meets, I have a chance at placing
As it stands I’m either outdide lanes in the second heat, or first in the first heat.
Gotta get my pace down and my intensity up in the fourth 100
I can do this

my alarm decided today would be a good day to randomly spring forward an hour and a half so instead of waking me up for morning practice it woke me up at like 4:30 and then I had to wale up for practice anyway and now I just feel like throwing up